Contest Room Help

Pick Teams: Pick the winning teams of each game in the contest.

Tiebreaker Score: The tiebreaker score is the final score of both teams in the last game of the contest. For example, if the Lakers score 100 and the Clippers score 105, then the correct tiebreaker score is 205.

The tiebreaker score comes into play when you have a tie with another player. Whichever player guesses the correct or is closest tiebreaker score will win.

Top Three Win in a Contest

The top winners earn winnings on a weighted-average basis.

First place has a weight of 70
Second place has a weight of 20
Third place has a weight of 10

If the cash prize is $10.00, then 1st place will win $7.00, 2nd place will win $2.00 and 3rd place will win $1.00.

In the event there are more than one winners in first, second or third place, the weights will be applied to the place. In addition, there will always be three winners and as many top place winners. For example, if a contest has one first place winner and two second place winners, then 1st place will win $6.36 and the two second place winners will win $1.82.

Placing depends how many winning teams a player picks correctly. For example if there is a tie for first place, then the winnings are disbursed accordingly to the weights.

You earn 5 points for every correct pick in a public contest.