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baseball-field-828713_1920For Easy Streak’s contests, some good fortune on your side can go a long way, but knowledge is power when it comes to selecting winners.

Looking specifically at the MLB contests, there are several components that will factor into some good decision making, but one of the most important things to have knowledge about are the probable starting pitchers for each team. Starting pitchers can be considered the tone setters for their team. So if a starting pitcher is in a more favorable spot than his counterpart, then there should be a greater chance for his team to be victorious.

Check if a pitcher is in any extreme type of form in his most recent starts, whether it be good or bad. Take note of how he’s fared in the past against not only the team that he is opposing, but also against the specific players that may be in the opposing starting lineup to see if he dominates any players or gets dominated by any. Also, inspect his in-season and career splits for whatever the situation is, whether it is at home or on the road, and also splits vs. lefty/righty if the opposition’s offense is particularly heavy in either type of handedness. From all that collected information, you should be able to form solid opinions on your way to selecting winners.

Based on this, here are a couple of freebie picks for the Baseball Weekend on Easy Streak:

SLEEPER PICK (9/11/15):

Los Angeles Angels

(Jered Weaver) vs. Houston Astros (Dallas Keuchel) – Weaver pitched a shutout the last time vs. the Astros; Keuchel is much worse on the road than home (4-6 with 3.35 ERA).

STRONG PLAY (9/12/15):

Miami Marlins

(Jose Fernandez) vs. Washington Nationals (Tanner Roark) – Fernandez is 15-0 with a 1.14 ERA in 24 career home starts.

Written by: Jason Kwok, Easy Streak Contributor

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