Does Arian Foster Have Anything Left in the Tank?

Arian Foster just signed a 1-year deal with the Dolphins. This raises an important question; does he have anything left in the tank? Foster has always taken excellent care of his body, as he is one of the more health-conscious players in the league. That said, he is about to hit the running back’s worst enemy – his 30th birthday. In addition, Foster has hardly been immune to injuries throughout his career, especially in recent years. The good news for Miami is they got him on a very cheap deal, so if he does end up getting injured it won’t be a big blow financially. He’ll also serve as a good mentor for Jay Ajayi, the Dolphins new back out of Boise State. So, regardless of whether he performs well on the field (or sees the field for that matter), there is value in just having him on the roster. Yes, his yards-per-carry were down last year when he was healthy, but he was also playing without a legitimate QB behind center. This meant defenses could key in on the run knowing the Texans only had one legitimate receiving threat and no one to get him the ball. For all his flaws, Ryan Tannehill is a much better QB than anyone the Texans trotted out behind center last season. For that reason, plus the change of scenery bonus, I think Foster will have a pretty productive season with the Dolphins, especially since he will be splitting carries with Ajayi.


Keith Shaffer, Easy Streak Contributor

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