The Andrew Luck Contract: Good or Bad?


Andrew Luck signed the biggest contract in pro football this offseason, which in and of itself isn’t terribly surprising. What IS surprising is the debate it spurred on whether it was a good contract for him, the team, and both parties. I’ve heard people argue that he didn’t get paid enough, I’ve heard people say that he got paid too much, and pretty much every opinion in between the two.

For me, the answer is pretty simple, with one caveat; it is a great contract as long as they can afford to put a serviceable offensive line in front of him. Andrew Luck deserves every penny of that deal; he is a rare talent at the most important position in the league. Yes, he’s thrown too many interceptions. That is as much a product of poor protection and a lack of talented skill players surrounding him as anything else. With a quality line, Luck rushes fewer throws, likely leading to fewer interceptions. In addition, with even the semblance of a running game, defenses will be forced to respect that aspect of the offense. And if Frank Gore has a bounce back year, it might even force them to commit another defender to the box. This would open up options in the passing game for Luck. Even if they do neither, Luck still deserves that payday. He is a strong, smart quarterback with a rocket arm and better speed than people give him credit for.

Enjoy that payday, Mr. Luck. You earned it.


Keith Shaffer, Easy Streak Contributor

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