How to play

How to Win

1. Go Premium to get sports articles and instant Entry Credits to compete.

2. Enter contests to compete for points and cash prizes

3. Pick the winning teams of each game and a tie breaker score.

Every correct pick = 5 points

Top 3 finishers win a piece of the prize pool.  

4. Earn points to climb the leaderboard. Grand prize paid out monthly.

EasyStreak Terms

Cash: Real $$$! Earned by competing in contests & placing on top of the leaderboard

Credits: Entry Credits needed to join Premium Contests

Points: Earned by winning contests, making correct picks, referring friends & more

Contests: Top 3 finishers win a piece of the prize points and cash

LeaderboardTop players win a piece of the prize pool at the end of each month 

Players: Everyone who play EasyStreak

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