Frequently Asked Questions

Learn all about Easy Streak below!

What is Easy Streak?

Easy Streak is a daily pick’em application where sports fans predict the winning outcomes of real live sports teams for real cash prizes. Unlike other fantasy sports operators, Easy Streak players pick a series of winning teams, not players, in a contest.

Do I win real cash?

Yes, Easy Streak players have the chance to win daily cash prizes and to compete for a monthly grand prize.

What are the benefits of playing Easy Streak versus fantasy sports operators?

  • Win cash by picking teams, not fantasy players.
  • Win cash daily and monthly.
  • Joining a contest takes just 10 seconds.
  • No more depending on a single player to win cash. No more worrying about ejections, injuries, foul trouble or illnesses that ruin your fantasy lineup.
  • Available in all 50 states.

What do you mean by "Fairness built into the core" of Easy Streak?

We built a level playing field for all sports gaming fans. We were tired of players with large bank rolls and algorithms that give unfair advantages over the everyday sports lover. Every Easy Streak player can only use their knowledge of NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams to win.

What sports are available?

Easy Streak currently offers pick’em contests that host live National Football League (“NFL”), National Basketball League (“NBA”), Major League Baseball (“MLB”) and National Hockey League (“NHL”) games. More sports will be available in the near future.

Is Easy Streak really available in all 50 states?

Yes! Easy Streak is available to play in the entire United States; from sea to shining sea.

What is the Lobby?

The Lobby houses all available contests for you to join. You can filter through different sports and entry type.

What is Upcoming?

Upcoming houses all of the contests that you have joined but has not started yet. While the contests are in upcoming, you are able to update your picks and tiebreaker score.

What is Scores?

Scores houses all of the contests that you have joined and has started. You are able to see your contests live. You are also able to see the contest that have ended in History to see how you performed through out the month.

What is Leaders?

Leaders houses the Easy Streak Leaderboard. Easy Streak players compete on a monthly leaderboard for a large grand prize by accumulating as any Points as possible.

Top 20 players on the Leaderboard win the grand prize at the end of every month.

How do I play a Contest?

Choose any contest to enter in the Lobby. Once you enter, you will see a series of games. Pick the teams you think will win in all matchups. Finally, you enter a tiebreaker score at the end. Hit “Submit” to enter into the chosen contest.

What is the Tiebreaker Score?

The tiebreaker score is the final score of both teams in the last game of the contest. For example, if the Lakers score 100 and the Clippers score 105, then the correct tiebreaker score is 205. The tiebreaker score comes into play when you have a tie with another player. Whichever player guesses the correct or is closest tiebreaker score will win.

How do I win?

On Easy Streak, you win are able to win two types of prizes:

  • Cash – real cash prizes
  • Points – points are counted towards the Leaderboard.

How are winnings calculated?

For a contest, the top winners earn winnings on a weighted-average basis.

First place has a weight of 70
Second place has a weight of 20
Third place has a weight of 10

Placing depends how many winning teams a player picks correctly. For example if there is a tie for first place, then the winnings are disbursed accordingly to the weights.

What are all the ways I can earn points?

  1. Placing top three in any contest
  2. 5 points for every correct pick in any given contest
  3. 5 points for consecutively logging on

What is a Premium Package?

Premium Package grants access to weekly sports articles delivered to your email inbox every week. With the purchase of any Premium Package, Entry Credits are delivered to your account instantly from the moment you subscribe and every 7 days until you cancel.

What are Sports Articles?

Sports Articles are delivered to your email inbox every week. Sports Articles contain the Sports Team’s analysis and thoughts on how teams are performing.

What are Entry Credits?

Certain contests require Entry Credits to enter. With the Premium Packages, Entry Credits are instantly delivered to your account every 7 days until you cancel.

The Entry Credits provides no additional value and cannot be traded for monetary gain. No purchase necessary to play and earn real cash prizes.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.

What Premium Packages are there?

We have three Premium Packages available:

  • Pro – Three (3) Sports Articles and ten (10) Entry Credits
  • Semi-Pro – Two (2) Sports Articles and five (5) Entry Credits
  • Try-Outs – One (1) Sports Articles and one (1) Entry Credit

When does my Premium Plan renew?

Your plan renews every week. You can cancel anytime.

Can I play Easy Streak without a Premium Package?

Absolutely. No purchase is necessary to play Easy Streak. You are still able to win cash and points just like any player who subscribes to a Premium Package. Please read the Terms and Conditions.

Do I win real cash?

Yes, Easy Streak players have the chance to win daily cash prizes and to compete for a monthly grand prize.

How do I cash out?

You can cash out your winnings by PayPal or check.

How long does cash out by PayPal take?

In most cases if you have verified your account, cashing out by PayPal is instant. However, it could take up to 2 business days for our system to verify and pay out the cash you have earned.

How long does cash out by Check take?

Cashing out by check takes approximately 7-10 business days.

Why do I need to give Easy Streak more information if I win over $600 in one year?

The information is required by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) if any player earns $600 or more in any given tax year. Don’t worry, we will destroy your information after we file for taxes.