AFC Picks

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers

They won’t be missing Le’veon Bell to suspension to start the season this year; as long as he, Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown stay healthy, that offense will be a juggernaut. Cincinnati will once again be competitive, but losing a couple of receivers on offense will hurt them just enough to keep them from being repeat division champs. The Ravens should bounce back from a down year and could be a factor, while the Browns are… well, at least Cleveland has Lebron.


AFC East: New England Patriots



AFC South (a.k.a. the division everyone tried to lose last year): Indianapolis Colts

The Colts should bounce back from a pretty disappointing season last year to win what is once again a very underwhelming division. The Texans will probably hover around 9-7 again this year, as Brock Osweiler is a functional but unspectacular quarterback.  The Titans and Jags will both be much improved, but there are too many holes on both of their rosters to expect them to contend. Then again, getting to 9-7 might be enough.


AFC West: Kansas City Chiefs

This division could be a lot of fun to watch as I think every team has a legitimate shot at winning it. The Chargers won’t be as injury-prone as they were last year, and Philip Rivers still has plenty left in the tank. Oakland will keep improving and has some excellent weapons on both sides of the ball. Denver will inevitably fall off from last year’s high but should still be competitive due to their dominant defense.


Keith Shaffer, Easy Streak Contributor

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