NBA Breakdown (10/18)

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Top Team to Pick:

Portland Trailblazers – Even though the Trailblazers will be missing CJ McCollum for this game due to a suspension, the Phoenix Suns should give Portland no issues. Phoenix is a young team who has yet been able to play and mold together unlike their opponent. Last season, we saw the increase in Lillard’s game from the addition of Nurkic and they had all summer to kindle and increase their chemistry. Portland should make the easy trip to Phoenix and walk out with a big win.

Sleeper Pick :

Detroit Pistons – The Piston’s look to be a much different team this season. Andre Drummond had surgery on his sinuses this offseason and looks to be a much more capable player. Drummond can play 35-37 minutes a game now and has greatly improved his free throws (12/14 in pre-season). The Pistons look to be a lot better than expected. Going against a Charlotte team without Batum, that struggled to score points in the preseason, Detroit will surprise some people and handle Charlotte easily.

Team to Avoid : 

San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs get to go against which looks like to be one of the top offensive teams in the NBA this year, the Minnesota Timberwolves. With the addition of Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson reconnecting with their old coach, Tom Thibodeau, the Wolves are an elite team. San Antonio is missing their star player and MVP candidate, Kahwi Leonard, due to a quad injury and do not stand a chance in this game against the over powering Timberwolves offense without him.


Written by: Robert Seguin

Editor: Nick Smith

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