The Road to Easy Streak

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting.  We have an exciting announcement for you today! But first, I invite you to take a trip with me to see our story from the beginning.

My story with Easy Streak began on a Saturday evening in a dimly lit classroom.  Matt and I had just completed a two-day business strategy class where we ran a microchip business simulation game against five other incredibly competitive teams.  Being locked in a classroom for two days really forces people to get to know each other.  To my surprise, Matt still wanted to be my friend and fortuitously approached me about building a platform where sports fans could test their knowledge with their immediate community.

We began Easy Streak by drawing our ideas on a whiteboard, and we quickly built a working prototype to show the world.  Matt and I reached out to our friends and the lessons we learned were invaluable.  The extent of how far people were willing to go out of their way to help us completely blew our minds.  It was then we understood that to build the best platform for everyone, we needed the help of our community.

Matt and I wanted to build more than a product or a company.  We strived to build a community.  What we did not expect was how far this idea would propel Easy Streak.  Our community introduced incredibly talented people to join our team, helped us choose our logo, and added priceless feedback for the platform.

Today, the Easy Streak team is very excited to announce the launch of our beta release!  Those who signed up on our website will receive an email from Apple with instructions on how to test our platform.  We hope you enjoy our iOS app as much as we enjoyed building it!  As you can see, we really value your voice so please do not hesitate to email us at

We look forward to taking this journey with you up the road to Easy Streak.

Nobel Chang, Chief Innovation Officer