Huddle Up

We are eager to introduce the fun and simple Easy Streak platform to our friends, family, colleagues, and our global community of fellow sports fans.

It all started when I found myself managing multiple football contests for my office. I loved the banter and community with coworkers while managing and playing in the pool contests. We would compare what we heard on sports talk radio and sports blogs, our research on athletes, analysis on how teams perform in different weather, early or late in the day, and other things that determined our picks. I never won but I loved getting together to talk about sports with my friends.

Our contests started growing beyond my office and spreading to other companies. The logistics were a nightmare! Collecting everyone’s money and endless sheets of paper with everyone’s picks for the week became a real problem. I was constantly looking for a better way to organize these contests.

Luckily, I had an idea, and I had a friend named Nobel to build it with me. My idea was to create a fantasy sports platform where fans of all levels of interest could join a fun community and manage contests. Our fantasy sports managers would use their knowledge of depth charts, statistics, coaches, player injuries, how teams play in different weather conditions, at home versus an away game, and tons of other information gained in their research.

At Easy Streak, we create great experiences through providing a community for our fantasy sports managers and our employees, and by being active and giving back to our community.

Easy Streak is the realization of that idea. Our platform simplifies fantasy sports contests making it easier to coordinate and compete while giving many more chances for our fantasy sports managers to win cash prizes than the average office pool. We have a variety of contest types and a range of entry fees to suit everyone’s preferences.

We are excited to continue on this journey and get to know all of you. Join us on our iOS app, our website, and our social media pages. Send us your questions or suggestions!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Matt Williams, Chief Executive Officer